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Published on: 3rd March, 2023

Hello darling troublemakers!

Yes, we are in fact back from hiatus with this brand new episode!

Luca and Kim kicked off 2023 in true creative style by escaping the big smog and travelling to wondrous Wales. Luca still isn't exactly sure where they went but it was very very lovely indeed. Both Luca and Kim immersed themselves in creative adventure and whimsy - surrounded by birds, trees, expansive fields and even a windy ol' visit to see the sea. During this cosy week together they discovered many things... such as Kim's repulsion at the way Luca eats an apple as well as Kim's deep fascination with birds that can talk.

On their final evening together, they set up microphones (it's a miracle they managed this tbh) and sat down for a right good chin wag... more things coming soon! x x x

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How Not
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How Not is the brainchild of two gobby Scottish creatives, Kim Macari and Luca Manning, who like to talk about the BIG stuff. We thought you might like to listen...So here we are. Our mission is to always be Good Troublemakers, to think big and to ask - How Not?!

Each episode, we pick something BIG to talk about. Sometimes that's an issue or idea that's been keeping us awake at night (like the right to Protest, The Punk Movement or Universal Basic Income...) and sometimes it's a person who think is bold and brilliant - someone worthy of the title Good Troublemaker (like Keith Haring, Marsha P. Johnson or Dererk Jarman...)
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